Digital Transformation... You can't ignore it

The NTT Global Forum is a unique, invitation only event for business leaders that use ICT to reshape the world. NTT Communications runs the infrastructure that enables business. We employ smart people to solve complex problems that help transform global business.

Our customers and special guests are invited to participate in this exclusive event, the NTT Global Forum, to take place at: Kurhaus Wiesbaden, Germany on Thursday September 22nd 2016.

This year we will explore the theme of Digital Transformation: You can't ignore it.

Digital disruption is not news, it is not a shock and it is not a surprise. Digital disruption is everywhere, all around us. Company culture, compliance, shadow IT, security and risk can conspire to prevent success.

Join our event and you can not only make connections with senior managers in NTT Com and analysts, but you can participate in round tables and learn from other executives from different industries what strategies and approaches they are adopting in their organisations to manage digital transformation.

Monte Davis
Monte Davis, Managing Director, NTT Europe

Digital Transformation ...
You can't ignore it


Our Venue

The beautiful Kurhaus in Wiesbaden serves as the city's convention centre and is the social centre of the spa town with many events throughout the year.

The building as we now see it was designed by architect Friedrich von Thiersch in 1905 and was erected at a cost of six million gold marks. Kaiser Wilhelm II, who visited the spa every year in May called it "the most beautiful spa building in the world" at the opening ceremony.

With its grand pillar-lined concert hall, the Muschelsaal (Shell Hall) decorated with frescoes and pebbles and shells and famous onsite casino, we’re sure you will be wowed by the venue for this year’s event.



Doors open
Plenary session with Tetsuya Shoji, CEO, NTT Communications
Guest speaker – Pete Swabey, Senior Editor, The Economist Intelligence Unit
Networking break
Monte Davis, Managing Director, NTT Europe
Guest speaker – tba
Reception and buffet